Friday, March 9, 2007

Internet Literacy Program

It's my advocacy to extend Internet literacy education to as many Boholanos as possible. I started working on this advocacy in 2002, through the University of Bohol who generously provided free use of the Internet facilities of the University for this project. Since this was started, I have already taught about 15,000 young Boholanos how to use the Internet.

It's always a wonderful feeling every after the end of the 4 hour lecture and Internet hands-on session that these young individuals walk away from the Internet center, feeling so proud and happy that their day was full of adventure and they learned how to surf the electronic super highway.

When they arrived at the center, they were so innocent and most of them haven't seen or touched a computer ever in their life, so much more know Internet is all about. But after the session, they felt so good, they got a taste of how is it to be out in the other part of the world, through the Internet.

I taught them: what Internet is; why they should learn how to use the Internet; how to do research using the Internet; how to e-mail; and of course how to chat.

Although Internet is a limitless source of a lot of things to see and to learn about, all these for me are enough to learn about for first time Internet users.

I look forward to meeting these young Boholanos again in the near future and they would tell me how Internet has helped changed their lives too.