Saturday, December 1, 2007

University Information System

Since early part of this year, I have been in regular meetings for a big project which I am heading - the University Information System for the University of Bohol.I wrote this press release last October, 2007 about the UIS of the University of Bohol.

The University of Bohol, the first school in Bohol to use computerized systems in some aspects of its operations way back in the early 90’s, is even going more steps higher as the UB administration decided to go into full-computerization move for all its school operations to better improve its services. This progress is being undertaken by the University of Bohol in line of its thrust of providing the best services to its students, teachers and other stakeholders.

Atty. David B. Tirol, UB president and Mr. Tony Grajo, president of the Wizzard Techologies, Inc. (based in Manila) signed the contract for the University Information System (UIS) for the University of Bohol last September 26, 2007 at the office of the UB president.

The UIS, implementation of which has already been started early last month, will provide improved and more sophisticated computerization modules. The first phase of the implementation which is being undertaken already are the system modules for the registrar’s office, finance, academe, scheduling, enrollment, student services, medical and dental, information kiosks, library, and the executive information system. Phase two which is expected to be completed at the end of this year are the systems module for the alumni, Internet usage and monitoring, university accounting system, human resource management system, and web integration.

According to the University Information System project director, UB registrar Leah Tirol-Magno, few of the immediate results of the implementation of the UIS that can be felt and actually experienced by the students are the shortening of the enrolment process by more than half the time than the previous process and the absence of the filling-out of enrolment forms. Even the academic advising process (evaluation of student academic records) is now being done electronically also.

Users of the University Information System are undergoing trainings by this time. The registrar’s and finance office staff, deans, some teachers, guidance counselors, medical and dental clinic staff and administrators who will be using the system are now busy familiarizing the use of the system.

The whole system would require the installation of about fifty (50) new high-end computer units to be installed in each office that would be using the system. Some of the new computer units will be installed this week and more will be installed next week. Networking systems using high-end materials are also underway. As parallel implementations are already being done by this time, the new systems will already be fully utilized starting October 8, 2007 when the enrolment for the 2nd semester school year 2007 begins.

Upon the completion of this almost ten million pesos project, it is expected that the University of Bohol will be having the most advanced university computerization and information system in the province of Bohol and even probably in the whole region.