Sunday, April 27, 2008

PLDT new services for SMEs

Yesterday, me and my husband were invited to the products presentation conducted by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT). Many products and services were presented and introduced. I am glad that PLDT finally went into offering these services after so many years of being stuck with only providing the voice services.

Before this event came, we were already approached by a PLDT representative and I am already working on the application forms for four (4) DSL connections and four (4) WeRoam accounts.

We are no longer happy with the Internet service provided by our present ISP and I believe that transferring to PLDT will be a wise move. I was think that the WeRoam service is better than the SmartBro (which I don't have anyway) for the wireless Internet services.

During the cocktails after the presentation, I got to chat with the PLDT big guys and shared with them our need to make our school a WiFi zone and they said, they would be happy to provide the services too.

I also got interested with the PBX service which woul really improve our trunkline services.

Watch out for the presentation of these PLDT services in your area. Perhaps you can also learn what service that they offer might answer to your own needs.

Picture above was taking after the event.