Monday, August 25, 2008

High Tech Papa

My father is turned 75 years old in May this year. He may be old in age but he is never old in his choice of gadgets. For his cellphones, he always get the latest top model units. And he loves to tinker with his gadgets and he uses them with ease. He just read the product manuals and he knows how to use his units.

The gadgets he has are not just for showing.He really use them! And oh boy, he spends so much time on the cellphone. And what is very nice about it too is that we just give him a miss-call and he

Current Gadgets
iPhone - I think he got this unit the first time iPhone came out. He is so fascinated with this one and he says it is the best cellphone/PDA unit he ever had. He already ordered and is so excited to have the latest model of iPhone very soon.

This phone is very amazing though. One time, my father showed it to me and I was awed to see even the image browsing features. He just touched the screen and flipped his finger, using a jesture of slight scratching on the screen to the left or right, and stored images moved like pages being flipped. And to enlarge or minimize images, you just have to tap the screen using your fingers with the stroke of open/close. Way sooo cool!!! And of course, there are more features that the phone can offer that I haven't seen yet.

Nokia E-90 - This is another cool phone. My father got this phone not long before he got the iPhone. He used this for sometime. He said he liked this. Maybe its because of the notable user-friendly features of Nokia phone units. He still uses this until now, as a back-up phone of his iPhone.

Blackberry - He got this unit after he got the Nokia E90. But he didn't use this unit for long. Maybe it's because he got his iPhone soon after he got his blackberry.I think the phone is cool too. The phone features that it makes it easy to stay connected while on the go. You get uncompromising email, browsing and voice performance in one thin, stylish, lightweight handheld with a full QWERTY keyboard and many more.

Previous Units
HP iPAQ 6300 - Before other smart phones came into the market, me and my father got this unit in 2005. I think this was one of the first units that features WiFi connectivity on a phone unit. It was a cool unit then too.

Other phones he owed which I can remember were Sony Ericsson P800i, Sonny Ericsson P900i. They were very cool then too.

I already lost count of the other cool cellphone units my father had since the cellphone fever affected the Philippines. What I know is that he gets what is the latest top models.

You may wonder what he do with his old cellphone units? Well, either he gives them to any of his children or any of his grandchildren. I am one of those lucky persons who got one of his previous units. I got his HP iPAQ 6385 when my the black antenna of my own unit got ripped-off and the HP office can't repair it anymore. I am still using it until now.

Dream Gadget

My father is a bookworm. He is a kind of person who can't live without having a book to read. He loves to read and he does it anywhere he is. And there has been a lot of times when he lost his books because he left them at the airport, at the restaurants, anywhere. To solve this problem, he always buy two copies of each book so he has a reserved copy, in case the other one got lost.

Because of this other passion of his, he found yet another very cool gadget which he has been dreaming of having very soon. This is the Kindle. You can check on its product features and to avid book readers, this is indeed a cool stuff.