Sunday, June 1, 2008

My PLDT Landline Plus

I have cellphones both for GLOBE and SMART. However recently, I started to feel the comfort of my PLDT Landline Plus account.

Someone from PLDT told me and my husband that we can buy a PLDT Landline Plus SIM card and insert it in any GSM mobile phone. So, my husband bought 2 PLDT Landline Plus SIM cards and inserted each in our extra mobile phones.And viola! I can now call my office PLDT phone at a lesser cost and my secretary can call me through my PLDT mobile number without any charge at all.

Me and my husband now use our PLDT landline plus phone more often than our other cellphone accounts. With this, we are easily reachable by anyone from within the city without them hesitating to call a cellphone number (which would cost more)

The only flaw to this account that I have discovered so far is that when my number is being called from my office (landline), my secretary often gets a busy tone even if I am not using my number. Maybe this is because the system is not yet perfected or the system is not yet capable of heavier communication traffics. Although this situation also happens to other networks often.

But whatever it is, I can say I am very happy with my PLDT Landline Plus.