Monday, November 3, 2008

My house : WiFi zone finally!

When we were building our house, me and my husband made it sure that the proper cabling for telephone lines, cable TV and computer network system are considered and in-place. It was part of the plan to have all these connections in the living room and in all the bedrooms: our bedroom and in each bedroom of our three children.

It was envisioned to have television sets in each bedroom (and also in the living room) and each will also have its own computer/laptop, thereby the said connections are needed.

When we transferred to our new house two years ago, we only had dial-up Internet connection. We also get to use the LAN but not always though because sharing the Internet connection with the other computers made the Internet speed super slow.

Middle of this year, the PLDT made available of their MyDSL accounts for residences. We didn’t make second thoughts of getting one for our house right away. Three months ago, we had our MyDSL connected at home and since then, Internet use at home was never been the same.

My husband, who is a computer network specialist, installed a Netgear WiFi router (which we bought from Fry’s Electronic store in California during our visit there in 2005). And now, all of us in the family enjoy Internet use anywhere in the house and anytime. The boys had their PCs connected to WiFi and they enjoy their online games and visiting their favorite websites. My daughter does her Internet stuffs in her Asus Eeee PC: update her websites, chat, does research and other, from her own room.

My husband and I surf the net, do our Internet stuffs from our own laptops too, in the comfort of our own bedroom. Sometimes, I do my Internet stuffs from the dining room or I chat with my sister who is based in Las Vegas or check my e-mails from the comfort room.

Well, for a family like ours who considers Internet as part of each member’s day, having WiFi at home is just great!

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