Sunday, November 16, 2008

Union Bank EON Card & On-line Shopping

The Search

About seven years ago, when I started dreaming on having an on-line store, I was forever in search for an electronic facility that would allow my planned on-line store to accept credit cards. I went to different banks in Tagbilaran City to inquire and even brought me to meet up with an account executive (of one bank) in Cebu City just to get answers to my query. However, information was very discouraging. Either the requirement was for me to have an ADB (average daily deposit) of at least P2.0 million pesos (that was too much for a little dream) or the system just won't work for me.

That search for an answer made me first hear about EON account of the Union Bank. The bank manager of Union Bank, Tagbilaran City branch explained to me what was it about. The features sounded nice, but that time, it was not the one I am looking for.

Years came and passed, the Internet technology has evolved a lot. Accepting credits card payments for an on-line store is no longer a difficult thing to think of because there are already many companies who provide such facility, without any ADB requirement. Selling on-line is already easy with countless of facilities offering affiliate programs, shopping cart softwares, eBay, Amazon and many more. And shopping on-line has become much easier and even more convenient.

My EON Card

Sometime in August, I was browsing on eBay (I have purchased a few items from eBay when I was in the US) in search for dresses for my granddaughter Babam. I fell in love with three cute dresses and I excitedly made a bid for each one. I won in all three! However, when I tried to pay it with my CitiBank credit card, eBay won't accept it. I was in a panic. Good thing my friend in San Francisco (who is also a godfather of Babam) saved one of the dresses by paying the dress himself. He sent the seller (also based in the US) a personal check. But I missed the other two dresses.

The above experience pushed me to find an answer as to how can I really shop through eBay. I made an on-line research about it and came over an article that EON account will be accepted in PayPal (a payment facility widely accepted in eBay). And I did not wait to long to visit the local branch of Union Bank account and opened an EON account.

Opening an EON account was very easy. I just filled out an application form, submitted a photocopy of two valid photo ID cards and waited for a little more than a week for my EON card. What was very convenient about it was that there was no minimum amount of deposit required. None. Zero.

Early September this year, I finally got my EON card. After activating my account (instructions are provided) I made an initial deposit. And the features that goes with the EON Cyber account is just great! It works just like a regular ATM plus it works like a credit card, though more of a debit card.

I registered my EON cyber account with my PayPal account. I just waited a few days before my PayPal account was activated. A few days later, I tried using my EON card in buying items at and I was so happy because the card was accepted as payment at Amazon! I bought Avent products (again for Babam): one set of Philips Avent Isis On The Go Set for $50 plus shipment; Avent trainer cups for only $7.99 plus shipment; and 2 sets of Avent breastmilk storage containers for $14.99 each plus shipment. I was so amazed with my EON card being accepted at Amazon.

As so it was time for me to try my EON card at eBay. And the experience was more than amazing. It was addictive (hahhahahah). In less than two weeks, I already have purchased more than 10 items (and counting) from eBay! Most of the stuffs I bought from eBay were signature clothes (Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Carter's, Levi's and Guess) for my granddaughter and an Affliction (brand) t-shirt for my husband.

How will these stuffs that I shopped on-line get to me here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines? Well, it's the tricky part. I will just write about this in the next article.

Thank you Union Bank for EON Cyber account!


Just call me Bhing said...

I'm glad I read your post. I am planning to open a bank account in Union Bank for my Paypal.

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