Tuesday, December 16, 2008

PSP as universal remote control?

Yes, that sounds to be impossible but it is possible!

Yesterday, my 14 year old son surprised me when he told me "look Ma, I can turn the TV off using my Sony PSP". And indeed, our 32-inch Samsung TV in the living room was turned off!

I didn't mind it seriously anyway, until he followed me to the master bedroom and he told me that he can also turn off our 50-inch Philips TV, the Dream cable and the airconditioner using his PSP. I dared him and he did turned them off too using his PSP! He also did the same of the other TVs in the other rooms.

Today, before I went out of my office, he also turned off the airconditioner at my office using his PSP.

We were also at the Island City Mall earlier this evening and he , with my older son, was again playing with the PSP and they tried to turn off (using the PSP again) the TV outside the Bench store and they did turned it off!

While I was buying stuffs in the supermarket, they told me they will go to Abenson's (an appliances store) because they also want to try the PSP to turn off the TVs there. When they joined me again, they told me that the people who were watching the TV shows at Abensons were surprised why all the TVs suddenly went off. The clerks there never had an idea that it was the doing of my sons, using the PSP.

How did he do it? That I don't know. He is a tinker anyway, and I am not surprised anymore if he discover things like that with the gadgets we have here.

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